The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

I smell bullshit… Jason, it took you 3 weeks to form an “apology.” This is nothing but PR garbage being used as damage control right before Wondercon. If you really had felt any sort of remorse for what you have done it would have been days right after episode “Thirteen.” You say you are hurt by accusations of us calling you out on baiting the LGBT+ Community, but we are right. You purposley manipulated my community in order to get exposure for ‘The 100.’ Then killed off a queer woman in the cheapest, laziest way possible. You are just trying to save yourself from all the backlash but you are aware of exactly what you did. You are not sorry. You do not understand what Lexa meant to us. You do not understand proper POC or LGBT representation and you can count me as one of the many viewers that will no longer be watching.

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