How To Change Web Hosting Smoothly

Peoples desire to move on another web hosting services provider because of many reasons. More likely to be not having enough data space/bandwidth, or it could be due to unresponsive tech customer support, or lack of advanced technologies. It could be any of them the thing is moving to a new host is a hectic job in most cases.

This is a bit tedious but not that complex. If you follow the right path you can shift your hosting smoothing. You must keep in mind a few things which are as under,

1- Don’t cancel previous hosting instantaneously:-

Unless you have completed all the steps, it is highly recommended that you don’t cut up your previous web hosting account. Don’t even tell the hosts that you are replacing them. If you do this than they might abandon you current account immediately. Causing a large downtime to your website. Keeping the previous account till the complete transition will make sure that your website and websites email accounts will be remain functional during the transfer.

2- Decide on the new web hosting services:-

Must Consider:

· Finalize the Operating System (Linux vs. Windows) — It is completely dependent on the type of coding or scripting you have done for building the website. For example, if you require ASP, SQL, MS Access or another Microsoft-specific tools, then you will be requiring a windows operating platform. And if you need MySQL or PHP then Linux would be suitable for you.

· Analyze your data storage needs accordingly select the Bandwidth and Disk Space.

Keep in mind All the Vital Considerations before choosing a web host, then finalize accordingly.

3- Backup All Your Data from previous account:-

Data should sequentially downloaded in the form of tree structure as it needs to be uploaded to new account shortly. Point out the files which needs additional settings like CHMOD permissions. This is simple just use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to fulfil all this.

Occasionally, some free web hosting agencies never offer FTP. Like if you are using free Flash/drag & drop website creating service (wix, weebly etc.).

In this particular scenario, you won’t be able to download previous Data Files and will have to re-create all new web data. Look on free website creator if your new web hosting provider is offering or not.

Next time must select a host giving you FTP Access And prefer Linux Shared Web Hosting as it will provide you with additional features likeTCP (transmission control protocol) and CGI (common gateway protocol)

4- Install the Same Email Address:-

To make sure that all E-Mails are rightly received, it is compulsory to have the exact E-Mail addresses, even email aliases and forwarders must be same. These new email accounts will not run until changing the DNS (domain name server) data but it must be done before to remain ahead of time. So when the DNS information is replaced your lost E-Mails could be minimized.

5- Change DNS Records:-

As soon as you have saved your web data to the present web hosting server and re-established your emails, you can move further and make the compulsory domain name server (DNS) transmutation.

DNS is mostly found as you have signed up with a web hosting server. You will require to change your present DNS settings with the new settings — domain management panel (your domain registrar) performs all this function.

The Latest DNS will take 24–48 hours to re-active, therefore the previous web hosting will be functional for website and E-Mails in this period of time. That is why you must cancel the previous hosting account at the last.

6- Now cancel the old web hosting account:-

As soon as, your new web hosting account is live and your website and E-Mails at your latest web hosting account are properly functioning, you can cancel your old web hosting account.

Conclusion: Get Rid of All the Dubious Hosts, Right Now!

Switching to a new web hosting provider can be a painful time, but it surely saves you when you are stuck with a bad web hosting provider. If you want smooth and stable running a website in the long term bases, you should never have fears of such transmutations. As, it is just the common backup/download/upload work that you are already doing on regular basis.