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I’m in midtown — I’ literally in the nexus of all the — LinkNYC ‘sticks’ (as we call them).

I cant tell you a day, an HOUR, a MINUTE, which doesnt pass, and there’s someone (at the one in front of the post office — 53/54/3rd Ave., its a GROUP), who’s ‘moved in’, at these things.

I’m all for free wifi — and I’ve nothing against a homeless person, per se (and anyone reading this, you dont know me, so, dont even think of thinking of me as some ‘elitist snob’), but, I DO have a BIG problem with what’s been going on; a particular person (or, in the post ofc. case, a group) wil take over a stick — move in (on the block between 56/57 & 3rd on the west side of the street, someone’s actiully built a ‘bunker’, at one, usuing a shopping cart, and or a wooden (police) horse, and a cement bollard, at the 56th St. side,and on the 57th end, is ANOTHER person, who’s camped out).

These people ARE tsaking advantage (when they could access porn, theyd stand (and sit) ALL DAY).

It’s gotten out-of-control

Something MUST BE DONE — LinkNYC — and it MUST BE DONE…BY YOU, since YOU are the ones who’ve brought out the ‘bait’.

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