Migration, Medium fits me better

Jakarta, August 5th 2016

For many reasons, I prefer Medium to express my thoughts.

I always have many thoughts to be expressed, but I’m a perfectionist one, so it’s kinda hard to write without thinking the layout and design. Unfortunately, time is like a wind, woossshhh it moves really fast without compromise.

When I’m using blog, I’ve to think in thorough way in writing. Lay-outing, theme, design, and the content itself. It’s killing my time. Blogging in laptop is the best way to write. But once again, laptop-ing needs much time. I need something faster. When the thoughts pop up in my mind, it can disappear in a blinking time.

So, i need to write as fast as the wind blown up. I need to write before the time kills the thought. And here we come, migration time.

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