As a Bulls fan, I think I speak for all of us when I say: good riddance to this team.
Brandon Anderson

As a fellow Bulls fan, one who grew up watching them on WGN, listening to Johnny Red Kerr, etc. I can say that this is the least likable cast of players I’ve ever seen. I’m excited to seeJimmy Butler leave, the guy has been the leader of this team for two years in a row, and the Bulls have missed the playoffs for two years in a row, in the weak eastern conference. Butler is foisted upon us by Nick Friedell and the rest of the lame Chicago media as some gift from the basketball gods. Just look at his game log and the turds he has dropped on us, 5 points against Boston on March 12th, 8 points against the Nuggets on Feb 28th, 3 points against the heat on Jan 27th, 1 point against OKC on Jan 9th. There isn’t a more overrated star in the game.