Recipe for New Unicorns

The distinction between a SaaS and a Marketplace seems to be blurring especially with physical goods and services..

Many VCs have specialised in either one, but with more offline businesses getting automated by technology, they resemble a mishmash of both

Like @hunterwalk wrote here, A good marketplace looks like a SaaS business:…/a-good-marketplace-looks-like-a-sa…/

I further posit that with physical goods and with full stack serviced fulfilment, I see this to become a larger category than both.

This is because, the new paradigm is to use Marketplace network effects, a SaaS business predictability and Social Media distribution and turn a fragmented, old, disorganized LARGE market on its head w/ streamlined technology, world class operations and on-demand fulfillment.

And this is the recipe, formula if you will, for the new Unicorns. And these businesses will combine SaaS, Commerce and Marketplace metrics.

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