Composer A.I. gives a chance to everybody to be a composer!

UT Global
UT Global
Mar 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Today technology is advancing so fast, that in many spheres appear many different kinds of applications of Artificial Intelligence, for example: robots. The best instances could be automated vacuum cleaners, personal robot applications, robot astronauts, robotic musical bands and etc. And now our purpose is to create an application, which can be your personal composer at any given time. Although technology has advanced rapidly, creativity is still not implemented in the digital world nowadays. That is why our company has its own idea, we want to take a step to the distant future and develop composers, while letting human to be a source of creativity.

Our daily life is tightly coupled with music, each day from home to work or school we hear thousands of voices and melodies. Even when we stay in silence, new melody comes to life in our minds, regretfully it is not easy to capture it. We can express it only by humming it, because most of us do not have musical education. However, the melody in our minds can easily be forgotten, and so we would regret that we can not save the melody from our mind onto paper. Our goal is to provide you an application, which will allow you to capture every melody you have bouncing in your head and share it with the world.

There are some questions that should be answered beforehand,”How will the application function” or “How could we capture melody in our minds?”. Solution is simple — the application will record your humming and additionally turn it into real melody in any genre you want, by analyzing the different patterns of melody and inputting it into the neural network that was trained beforehand. The application will take the humming you provided as a a skeleton and output the melody in a specified genre.

Please share your idea with us

Originally published at on March 1, 2017.

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