How to write effective proposal for conference?

Having the privilege to review proposals for DjangoCon 2017 and Scipy 2017 I am really thankful for the organizers of both these conferences I will share some of my experiences here .

some times how difficult it gets to review a proposal especially when it is significant but you have to sideline it because of the guidelines .

My experiences are as follows :

Note:This is not standard am just sharing my own thoughts .

Whenever you want to give a talk on a standard library or framework or any standard .

First mistake any one commit is to present in standard way rather you can present you add your experience working with the particular framework and the problems and how did it add significance to your work .

Especially newbies who write the proposals due to excitement go ahead and write in standard way .

Let me go ahead and break this down with an example

Proposal topic :Usage of Scipy tools for threat Intelligence

Mistakes committed

  1. Writing about the scipy tools directly and threat intelligence framework .
  2. Not giving exact time line for the talk intended.
  3. Not showing significance why this talk needs to be selected ?
  4. No mention of Demo/Case Study

Corrections and bringing effectiveness to the proposal .

  1. How and why did you choose Scipy tools for your framework ?
  2. What are the pros and cons of it ?
  3. How did it leverage your performance than previously ?
  4. By usage of Scipy tools what was the effectiveness in building framework and also case study how it can be vital for others to focus on it and learn them .
  5. Detailed outline of the talk (mention time ).

Why this approach works because every one can speak about standard but with your approach to make significant enough because you are adding real time experience for it and this inspires some one to work over it .

Well some one speaks about threat intelligence for hours is it better or some one who comes with own experience of building threat intelligence and what problems they faced it and how effective it they make it by correcting errors .

The later is preferable to be selected …

Thanks Folks ….

To be continued ….with upcoming segments on how to write effective SOP (Statement of Purpose )for Students and LOR (Letter of Recommendation) for teachers who want to give recommendation for their students ..

I always choose to add significance to the work I do rather than plain work ..