Letter of Recommendation ..

It was few months ago ….I have been through toughest situations deaths in my family .And I had devastating loss …

But it was one weekend when I opened my email some thing popped up …***** has requested that you submit a Scholarship/admission Recommendation.

I really did not know how to respond I had to talk to that person and verify and here am writing my 7 th letter of recommendation in span of 3 months .

Well rules of writing .

Ohhh Shit these are not rules or any standard by any means to follow .

Just my thoughts and how do I add significance to others .

Disclaimer :No means a standard Just my opinion does not reflect any one else .

Lor should be some thing beyond resume and achievements it should reflect a person on a whole .

Am taking few sentences directly from recommendations I have written

  1. I know **** her for the last 10 months .To describe ***I can state a situation “We were working on research paper I mentioned we would go for 3 Journals we are running short of time so we may skip the first one because the deadline was the next day early morning then a sharp reply came Sir we are going for every thing you say just mention us what to do we will get it done” I was really amazed by sheer amount of confidence she has among our team if we need to get any thing done she stands up .
  2. To describe ****I have one word fighter because during one difficult situation and we are automating many things and our productivity was less then a statement came up from *** “Sir we are doing too many things and decreasing our efficiency rather we should leave few things and focus on our research .Because if we try to many things we may be same on par with others which we cant afford to do” I was amazed by **** toughness to deal with situations and go about .
  3. Why do I suggest **** for scholarship can be stated by a perfect situation “When we were about to finish a project she came up with a brilliant thought of making into a prototype and build startup” This clearly reflects the vision of person and we are building that startup .
  4. We can estimate the persons ability by the work they do by ***** is far more better when people hear about “reverse engineering binaries (malware)” many drop off from the project but their was no from her and asked for the next assignment .This reflects as a whole **** can handle any project ..

When I write a letter of recommendation I do remember few points the reviewers would look some thing beyond academics ,achievements (work and academic )

So I firmly believe if we can state what sort of person he/she is based on context that will be more significant for the person whom your recommending and also easy to review for the reviewing committee and would make more sense for the letter of recommendation .

I dont encourage the generalized presentation he/she is good at academics and completes all work in time .

These are the duties of person .

Their can be more points added based on context and situations

The above Situations are from the letter of recommendations I have written for few people(whom I have worked with ) for their scholarship/admission process .

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