My Thoughts :Focus is the Key…

Let me share some thing

“The most important thing is to strengthen the will to such a degree that even in the face of repeated failures we are not disheartened;rather that with every new failure to control the mind we are roused to fresh endeavours with new enthusiasm “

Approach towards #GSOC and #outreachy or any thing you want to achieve.

1.Its not GSOC at the end you want to be with its the subject expertise you gain .
 2.Understanding what domain you are good at for example if you are into security and go ahead you find outreachy to lucrative ..

you shift yourself to some other thing and start again from scratch ..

This is the major mistake which people go through .

3.Stick to your domain no matter even if you find fancy things .

4.GSOC is not the ultimate goal in the process you may end up publishing research papers (#IEEE or ACM) ..

5.It is not the end path which matters its the journey which matters .


Their is race which starts from top of the mountain the one who reaches down is declared as winner ..

“The mountain has thick forest covered and steep curves .”

Every one started with their journey taking their cars and bikes and whatever ..

But their are few people who stood their who were having some jokes …

but after couple of minutes they took their bags and gave a bungy jump ..

So now who reached first ?

Who is winner the person who starts the journey first or the people who train for adverse we have to set to those training standards we accept the challenge ..

The people who can do do bungy jump can even go if their is rain or any obstacle ..

WHat about others ?

are you looking at end goals or the process of training ?

their is a saying in telugu “

Prayatnam viramistae maranchinattu prayatnam lo marnistae gelichinattu “

Meaning :if you give up with ur efforts you are equal to dead and if you die while giving efforts you have won …

Above it ..

Stick to your domain no matter how hard it is ..

Dont experiment too much ..

Focus on Where u want to go …

Be focused Start from today …

Persistence is the key

See You Soon again …