What Not to do for #GSOC and #Outreachy ?

#wrong #things significantly done by #outreachy and #gsoc aspirants .

1.Domain Selection is completely personal choice on your work were you want to go ahead .

What do generally people do Choose the domain just for outreachy or gsoc

2.Spirit of #open #source must be priority ..

Why aspirants never share thoughts among your friends having a thought they may become a #competition .
 But you have to understand you are one among the applicant in the
#world not with #people around in your class or in your college

So never think of Others as competition

you should become better in the process ..

Here you are competing with yourself

3.Trying to much #flamboyant .

choosing domain just because the outlook is great .

4.Doing many things at a time rather than focusing on subject matter expertise

for examples linux kernel,machine learning task how intense learning can be done .

5.Choosing the work just because once the application opens up .

6.Finally every one wants GSOC #tag but finding #easy way for it will eventually end up nothing .

GSOC Outreachy Or #IEEE or ##ACM research paper comes with #price .

IF it is easy then every one will do it .

Remember any thing of value and #significance will not be easy ..