“Where am I going?” She screamed and kept running into the dark hollow space without a clue about what’s in front of her. She felt like she’s being pulled into the vacuum. She cried for help and suddenly woke up from her sleep to be relieved that she was sitting on her bed.

She had been having this dream for sometime now. “What does the dream mean?”, she kept thinking about it. She couldn’t get it out of her head. She felt an urge to talk to someone. The dream. The infinity. Her life. Exactly. Where was she leading her life to? Is she happy with her life? Is working in a corporate world her life ambition? Everyone that she knows are working like robots just aiming for a salary increment so that they could live their life luxuriously, so that they are not going to be embarrassed in front of their friends, who are all running behind some unknown superiority that they want to accomplish, so that they would be accepted by everyone in their society.

Why is that everyone is so concerned about what others think? Why does everyone prefer earning money even though they are leading a monotonous life without doing what makes them happy? She was full of questions to herself. She wished she had an answering machine so that life would be much easier.

She thought about what makes her happy. She was always an average performer in everything. But she always had a dream. A dream to travel around India, a great nation that gave colors to her eyes. A dream to see each and every spec of the country. Can that dream be realized? Then what after that? And that dream doesn’t earn you even a penny to live.”Then what am I good at? There must be something that I’m good at”, that thought kept steering into her head that it made her dizzy.

Yes, that’s it!!!She always wanted to be a musician. She loved listening to all kinds of music and singing. She always found music relaxing to her mind body and soul. Her soul grew each time she listened to them. They talked to her. They made her feel fresh and alive. But is it possible now? Can she really do it?

Suddenly a plan arose in her mind. She will spare some more time to practice singing and listening to music and she could go around India with her music journey. Even she laughed thinking about this absurd idea that she suddenly had. At least the thought of her dreams made her happy. Yes that’s the power of dreaming. She felt an urge to make her dream into a reality. It gave her new reasons to work hard. She needs some money to give a kick-start to what she wants to do in her life. She didn’t want to care about anything in her life. She had to work hard and earn money. Now only money was in her mind.

But poor girl, little did she know that she has also become a prey to this robotic life where everyone thought about themselves and money. That’s how they fall on the trap. That’s how all the beautiful dreams die away without them knowing. That’s the devil working in our mind. Hold on to your dreams and never let it pass. That’s the one thing that can make you happy.

She could feel the wetness in her eyes. Tears rolled down. She is no more a girl whom everyone calls dumbo. She is a lady who went ahead with what she wanted because of the choice she took when she was 23.

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