Mia Khalifa Lashes Out At Fan For Getting Her Face Tattooed On His Leg First of all, you’re an idiot. Second of all, my eyebrows are uneven. Third of all, what kind of two-for-one special did you get this tattoo on? I look like I just crawled out of the depths of hell nose first. What kind of dumbass would permanently mark their body with this? This isn’t cool or flattering… you’re an idiot lol. Good luck explaining this to any future significant others. Idiot. Y’all, I found a piece worse than the Cowboys SB LI Champs tat. Hope he didn’t expect a “thank u” from me. I will not condone this fuckery. Former porn star Mia Khalifa called the man an idiot and said that it wasn’t cool or flattering to get a permanent tattoo like that. Lebanese born former porn star Mia Khalifa made waves a couple of years back by appearing in a porn video wearing a hijab and has a worldwide fan following despite having bid adieu to the world of porn. She also made news with her witty comebacks to silent those who slammed her on the social media. After a long time, Mia Khalifa is again in the news for something bizarre as her response to a fan who tattooed her face on her leg created a buzz on the internet. She slammed the man called Alexander Skate from Portugal and went on to call him an idiot. She was apparently unhappy about the way the tattoo was done and made it clear that marking one’s body permanently with her face was not flattering or cool, telling him to explain it to a future significant other. Mia Khalifa Lashes Out At Fan For Getting Her Face Tattooed On His Leg Mia Khalifa Mia Khalifa slammed fan Mia Khalifa lashes out at fan Mia Khalifa trolls fan Mia Khalifa wired fan fan tattooed Mia Khalifa face fan, permanent tattoo in Mia Khalifa Mia Khalifa tattoo adult, star tattoo social media instagram of Mia Khalifa, How it Possible Mia Khalifa Mia Khalifa’s Dresses Mia Khalifa’s Shoe Mia Khalifa Sexy Glasses Mia Khalifa Glasses Former Adult Actress Mia Khalifa Reveals Gym Booty Selfie Former Adult Actress Mia Khalifa brutally trolls mia khalifa videos mia khalifa movies khalifa mia mia khalifa official mia khalifa site mia khalifa new video mia khalifa mia khalifa best mia khalifa new video mia khalifa latest mia khalifa age mia khalifa and hot mia khalifa mia khalifa film new mia khalifa best of mia khalifa mia khalifa fsu mia khalifa best video mia khalifa official site mia khalifa full videos mia khalifa free videos mia khalifa all videos mia khalifa latest video mia khalifa clips mia khalifa official website mia khalifa t mia khalifa se mia 5alifa mia khalifa married mia khalifa and her mom

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