Utilify helps brands distribute event attendance and reward NFTs

4 min readDec 22, 2022

When we first started we had shared goals within the team. One of them was to onboard masses to web3, and be the web2.5 bridge to achieve that.

We’ve realized that people love collecting things. And blockchain is a great tool for collectors with verified ownership, history of the ownership, etc. However, people are scared and need guidance. An easy wallet creation process can be a big challenge for many of us.

That’s why we’ve introduced “Utilify Wallet”, a custodial wallet created under the Utilify account. Creating a Utilify account is easy as simple signup, meaning any customer can have an instant wallet with Utilify within seconds. And this opened a lot of opportunities for us.

We’ve partnered with Kriptomeda, Turkey’s Leading Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Media Company. They were hosting the 5th event of “Kripto Meydanı” talking about “Blockchain & Sports” with Doga Ozcan SEMA TUĞÇE DİKİCİ Mert Altaç & moderated by Kıvılcım Harika Ertunç

We helped the team distribute event attendance NFTs at the event. Noticed us at the panel? Yeap that’s us on the stage with a QR

How do we do it?

We help brands to design their NFTs for the event. We’ve partnered with POAP for minting. We create a claim website that is accessible by scanning the QR at the event.

NFT Claim Page at Utilify.xyz

At the event page, the user clicks simply “Claim POAP” button, creates an account and that’s it. You’ve minted your first NFT to your Utilify wallet. And the great part is, you’ve just achieved it with your mobile phone.

That’s Sinan Guler in the picture, one of the most important names raised by Turkish Basketball. He ended his glorious sports career with a ceremony held before the Darüşşafaka —Hapoel Jerusalem match in the FIBA Champions League at Volkswagen arena on December 20th, 2022.

On that day, he made a surprise for his fans creating a memorable NFT, symbolizing his career with all the clubs he played at. The Utilify team helped design the NFT and distribute it that night. We have over 800 fans redeeming this NFT which Sinan Guler told might open new possibilities in 2023

PSM AWARDS, Turkey’s most prestigious award program in finance and technology, is presenting the “non-transferable” PSM AWARDS NFT, which was created on the blockchain and exclusive to the winning company, along with the physical awards this year.

In addition to the award NFTs prepared by Utilify, a special participation NFT was prepared for the organization participants for the ceremony day. Participants will be able to have NFT by scanning the QR code in the organization area.

This is a quote from the PSM Press Release for the PSM Awards which Utilify is a proud partner of. On December 22th, over 500 guests attended this awards ceremony. In this partnership, along with the attendance NFTs, we’ve also created special reward NFTs which are claimable only by selected users who have received a special QR code along with their reward on the stage at the ceremony.

Through these 3 great events, we’ve passed 1000 registered users, growing rapidly. For the users; they’ve not just minted an NFT easily, they’ve created digital memories on the blockchain which will live there forever.

We all love collecting stuff. And these digital memories are great pieces for a user’s life collection.

And this is just the beginning. When users start collecting digital memories as everyday interactions with brands like having a coffee, attending an event, etc, that brand can start building loyalty solutions with those memories, rewarding their customers.

That’s what we’re building. Feel free to reach out via hello@utilify.xyz if you’re a brand, event organizer, or creator willing to distribute digital memories as NFTs like the ones in the article at your next event or trying to find ways to increase your brand loyalty.