I know why you are depressed !!

We are not depressed until we are in a comfortable position and can afford to be depressed...

People are not depressed till they reach their comfortable positions, may be land up in a job which keeps feeding them while they are depressed, keep themselves healthy enough so that they can focus all their energy on being depressed… Work only so much so that they don’t get thrown out of office for inefficiency…

It is curious to see the funny fact that average people kind of have goal to be depressed, all the other things they do, are merely for getting into a good enough position where they can afford to be depressed…

Were you very depressed when you were trying so hard for this job you are in… You were not, for you had not reached your comfortable position. As soon as you landed up in this job, you reached that position of comfort where you can spend all your time being depressed while your job feeds you, and Ohh yes you also keep on working at a job just enough to maintain that position of comfort…

Were you this depressed when you were studying so hard to pass that exam. You were not. Passing the exam was a burning desire. All will never be well unless you pass that exam. Once you passed the exam you hit the threshold of your comfortable position. Now you can afford to be depressed, nobody will call you loser for you have passed the exam.

Depression is a curious case and I have finally decoded it.

Case of Those homeless hungry people on the street :

They are homeless, are hungry but not depressed. They are not depressed because they are not in comfortable position. Their basic needs are burning, they will try extremely hard to meet that basic need of food. The desire, the hunger is so burning that there is no place for depression. They cant afford to be depressed.

Case of Ellon Musk and those of the ultra achievers clan:

Ellon Musk has achieved a success that many can’t even dream of. He is self made, filthy rich, ultra successful. If you were at his place, you would succumb to depression by now. Because, you would have reached your comfortable position. In that case it would be you who is filthy rich, ultra successful, super famous. Imagine that! Ohh even in your imagination you have hit your threshold. You are in perfectly good position to be depressed now, and while being depressed, you will keep on working just enough to maintain that comfortable position.

But as Ellon Musk is not you, he is not depressed because…

Because the guy hasn’t hit his threshold yet. He dreams of the sustainable future, he has a vision for earth, his goals are not reached yet… Goals is wrong word… His burning desire is still there. now read the case of homeless hungry people. And then read the case of Ellon Musk. What do you see in common, Ellon musk is still hungry. His desire for success, for achieving his vision is as burning as the hunger in homeless people. He is not depressed, he can’t afford to be for he is not in a comfortable state to be depressed. His burning hunger is still there.

Now the case of you :

You are not homeless and hungry, if you were you would be not depressed, you would be working for, thinking about means to fulfill that basic need of food. You are also not Ellon Musk. If you would have been, you would not be depressed, you would have that basic need to achieve, to realize your vision for the world, you would not be satisfied after building three, four huge companies, you would still be looking for more, hunger is mental, hunger nevertheless, equally burning… Of a kind that doesn’t let you settle in a so called position of comfort… But you are not Ellon Musk. You are depressed.

You are depressed because, you have hit your threshold. You are not hungry anymore. Not your body, nor your mind.

You think you have goals and desires. And you justify that reason of your depression is basically that your so called dream and desires and goals aren’t being reached for some reason. Whom are you fooling my friend. You have no real goals, dreams or desires. Not of a kind which deserve being fulfilled. Those are as burning as hunger itself. Only such burning desires deserve to be fulfilled. Not your so called desires.

In reality, if you are depressed, you have hit the threshold of your burning desires, you already achieved those which were there , that is why you reached a state of so called comfort where you can now… Afford… to be depressed.

If you get my point, your threshold of burning desires define at what point will you be depressed. Some get depressed when they have enough food in their system… Some don’t get depressed even when they have built 5 world renowned companies.

This article is to make you look into your life and think about your thresholds. If you are depressed, my friend, if you are depressed at this stage of life, your threshold is really pitifully puny.

And this is time to air that new burning desire in you… Everything is possible, if you expand your arena of threshold. And lastly this is time to understand that,

Goals/dreams do not come to life, only burning desires which are on par of hunger itself do.

If you are depressed, this is time to make yourself burn with hunger for success, for realization of some vision, for happiness.

Because my friend, hungry people might be anything but are never depressed…Be hungry, stay hungry!!