Kids, relax! machines are not taking over the world!!

Utkarsha Thombal
Dec 7, 2017 · 4 min read

Artificial Intelligence is buzz word of our times! We also have countless movies and books on ‘true’ artificial intelligence that takes over the world, defeat human race. Having grown up watching series of matrix movies featuring the battle between extremely intelligent machines and handsome Keanu reeves!, I have always believed, machines taking over the world in future is not merely a science fiction tellers fancy (?) notion but an idea that does hold some ground.

Although, a thought occurrs to the mind, let how much intelligent machines might get in future, why would they ‘Want ’ to take over the world!! ‘Wanting’ to rule or to defeat are the characteristics of emotional beings not machines! For that matter, Machines ‘collectively’ having an agenda, let alone be in interest of machines themselves, seems again to be an impossible possibility… Forming a group for a cause in common interest (lobbying?!!) is again a characteristic of humans or let’s say animals, not machines, again let machines be how much intelligent!

Further, even one assumes that machines someday develop a full fledged capability to modify and improve upon their own algorithms and hence making dependency on humans non-existent , why would Machines want to get rid of humans! (it is a pretty illogical notion). For the arguments sake, let’s assume, machines develop collective conscience and start lobbying (!) for common interest, they would want to get rid of humans only in a case where clash of needs happens, conflict of basic needs you see! When there are competitors for scarce resources, natural tendency (of whom? Men or machines? :D) compels consumers to try and eliminate the competitors. But, this possibility of conflict of interests (basic needs) seems crazy! Would highly intelligent machines want organic food ?(unlikely) Would highly intelligent, metallic, ceramic, iron made machines need/want shelter to save themselves from natural calamities and dangers(who/what do machines would fear, I wonder! ) those are out there? (don’t think so!), clothes? Fancy clothes? (umm, hell No), would machines someday ‘want’ to have sex with machine of opposite ‘gender’ (ROFL!! ) or with machine of same gender?!!(who knows :D)… (seems unlikely now, unless that machine is a future version of a machine in the movie transmitter!! Then yes, can’t deny the possibility of machines wanting to have sex!) But, well for now, all these things seem unlikely, even for future highly intelligent manchines… basic needs of humans will never come in conflict with those of manchines or vice versa… Except for the need of energy obtained from coal, uranium and those scarce things… So would machines in their ‘common interest’, ‘want’ to get rid of ‘puny humans’ to emerge as ‘winner’ in this ‘conflict over energy consumption’ issue!! This to seems not likely, as intelligent and hence rational machines would make abundant use of non-extinctable energy sources, may be use windmills, develop nuclear power plants, (assuming machines won’t be the ‘sadistic’ kind we saw in matrix, out of all the energy production options, AI in the movie decided to use human body heat(!) to produce energy, and rigorously took upon human farming! Now I wonder, what would the revolution in that kind of farming be called, on lines of green revolution…Black and White and Wheatish revolution? :P… Well, better not to make racist comments on human farms :D) So, back to the topic, doesn’t machines wanting to get rid of humans out of energy conflicts looks like the brutal, barbaric ways humans have adopted in any conflicts we remember from history? Why would machines do that, didn’t we basically start with the assumption that machines would be smarter than men?!

And energy will never be basic need of humans, nor will organic food be basic necessity of machines… The conflict of interest won’t happen, even if machines got incredibly smarter someday, and learnt to finally look after themselves!!

So, kids, chill, machines are not taking over the world, not now, not ever… And yeah, machines are supposed to be smarter, rational, reasonable beings (? :D)!! So stop saying machine ‘wants’ something, not machine, humans ‘want’ things or ‘things to happen’! And stop humanizing machines, it is so, so unfair to rational, smarter machines! And a bit offending too (if machines ‘feel’ that feeling :D)

PS: Dear Keanu reeves, though your movies are against my campaign ‘stop humanizing machines’, I still love you.. God aren’t you handsome fighting humanized machines :D (by declaring my love for handsome keenu reeves for his sizzling hotness, I have just proved, that, I am not a machine, writing in favor of machines!! :D)

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