The Last Sunset!

“What of the sunset that we shared? Doesn’t that warmth melt your heart? that sand, that sea? “

It does! It haunts me, it will continue haunting me for times to come. But I can not stay, I have to leave.

“How could you want to leave everything that we had?”

“It’s not what I want, its only what honor demands…”

“And what does honor demand?”

“Honor demands,

That a woman should leave a place where her presence is not valued… a woman should leave such a place never to return…”

“Honor demands,

That a woman should walk away from such relationships, friendships, acquantanships, where she is not respected.”

“Honor demands,

That a woman should despise by all means such a people, such places where her libaral mind, is used as an excuse to utter shameless things in front of her…

Such people, such places where honorless, cheapest, humor of the lowest quality is enjoyed in front of a woman…”

“Honor demands,

That a woman should not even offer an another glance ever again where her attention is not valued, where she is taken for granted.”

I am a free spirited woman who can not be tamed, nor could be bound. This place suffocates me. Your love without respect is worthless to me and I reject such a love.

“Is it that simple to walk away so easily from everything you held dear. ?”

It is not, it is painful, so painful. Memories of fondness haunt me, they will haunt me forever. But walk away I will despite the hurt. A lady should not hesitate to leave a place that brought her pain.

“You are such an egoist. Will you rather lose people for your self esteem?”

People? I will lose my life to protect my self esteem if I have to. If egoist is the term used for it then I proudly say that I am an egoist.

“Please stay, Can I at least ask for your forgiveness”

I have loved you dearly my love but do not ask me to stay for I cannot. My honor does not allow me to do so. Forgiveness might be the greatest virtue but not greater than a honor of a woman. Respectable woman can not forget the harm caused to her self esteem nor can she forgive those who did it.

Rather, my dear, I ask for your forgiveness. I will leave for my honor. Forgive me my love and let me go. You loved me but it was not enough. I never needed love as much I needed respect. You might not understand my reasons to leave. I won’t even try to make you understand. You can not understand the pain I went through and more pain that awaits me when I leave. The memories of laughter and of good times and that sunset will chase me, haunt me. But leave I must and look for a place where there is respect, where my self esteem breathes freely.

“You have broken my heart, don’t you see that? “

I have not broken your heart, you have broken it yourself and in the process of doing so, you have broken mine…Farewell my love. I wish for you an ability to touch a woman with respect, love a woman with respect. And I wish for myself an ability to love… To love without this stinging pain…Farewell my dear… Farewell!