Why ‘Cinderella’ is my most favorite movie!

snap from a Lily James movie ‘Cinderella’

There she is ! A young girl with a stepmother and two stepsisters. There is nobody to love her. She spends her whole day and all days in household chores. She wears worn out old clothes and in hope to ease the pain of loneliness she has made friends with rats in house. Her future hangs in doubt. This is the story of Lily James movie, ‘Cinderella’, my most favorite movie ever! I am 25 years old, adult enough to find fairy tales absurd but yet here I am, writing this article.

Few days back I wrote about how our experiences , precisely bad experiences leave mark on our hearts, not just a mark but bitterness too…with every bad experience, with every hateful glance we receive, with every failure we face, with every feeling of a kind of loneliness, this bitterness grows inside, darkening many shades deeper, poisoning our hearts. And there are the days you feel the evidence of that growing bitterness inside. The days when you shout at your junior for a minor mistake, when you look disgusted with the sight of an ailing beggar, when you think everyone else who is successful has just been lucky, that is when you feel the existence of the strengthening bitterness in your heart. What to do of it now, its one poisonous thing to have inside our system, ain’t it? But then you think, this is what people did to you. You were not bitter before you were treated badly, before you were not given an opportunity, before you were put down, your spirit broken before being a victim. So bitterness is the result of all injustice happened to you and you can do nothing about it, isn’t this precisely what we think, folks. I bet we do, I have done this, before I saw the hero of my most favorite movie, Cinderella!!

Cinderella is victim of fate, young Cinderella’s parents are separated from her by evil that death is! Who is there to love the skinny lonely kid. How should a young, dreamy girl endure the cruelty of jealous, selfish stepmother? What’s her fault, who is to blame. But these obvious questions do not dampen the spirit of our hero. My philosophy is ‘ victim tends to victimize others when are not victims any more’ ! But despite of the ill treatment, unfortunate fate our hero has been subjected to, bitterness does not make home in her heart. She does not let it. She does not spread the the poison of negativity she has been receiving, rather she spreads love, offers it abundantly to whoever she can, to animals , to strangers! She is believing and following her mother’s advice ‘to have courage and be kind’. Mere words but our girls whole life is shaped by these mere words. She is kind to others irrespective of the cruelty she received, she vividly sees the sunshine, she merrily sings with the air, she takes care of her rat friends.

Well, well, there is another part of this movie which made it my favorite movie! The prince charming whom she first knows as ‘kit’. He is the crown prince whom his father gives the wise elder man’s advice to marry princess of a nearby kingdom for political advantage. How common this practice is in our society, from elites to commoners , from kings to ordinary folks, marriage is used as a tool of benefits. This pious ritual is such a business deal so many times. If it had not been a movie, crown prince should never have chosen an ordinary servant girl in glass sandals with innocent kind heart over a princess from nearby town. After all what advantage it gives to marry poor servant girl, her having a good heart is an argument just not good enough in our world, isn’t it folks? But not for crown prince in this movie, he is mesmerized by her innocent heart, and he chooses her , not her title, not the dowry she can bring, but her.

And here comes the best part of the movie, when Cinderella is leaving with crown prince, she says to her stepmother that ‘she has forgiven her’. Such a beautiful thing, isn’t hero of our story courageous? For it takes a great deal of strength to forgive. She does not want to avenge everything bad that was done to her. She holds no grudge against her stepmother. The feeling of grudge, revenge is eventually going to turn into a bitterness, a poison but Cinderella has no place for bitterness in her heart. She forgives her wrong doer. Let’s dare this one time to forgive those who did not do you well. Absolutely not for their sake, but yours. Let’s forgive all of them just the way Cinderella did.

And oh there is another best part to a movie, movie ends with the line ‘ Cinderella kept on seeing the world, not as it is but as it could have been!’ Words strong enough for you and me to hold onto…There’s lots of evil in the world, but there is lots of good too. And with few changes little by little the world could be free of despair, let’s hold onto this could be world!

I am an adult and this children’s story taught me to never let your not so good experiences turn into bitterness, forgive, hold onto your world that could be, and yes ‘to have courage and be kind’!

I had read and watched story of Cinderella many times as a child but I only understood it now when I was old enough! It took me 25 years to realize that the fairy tales are not absurd, they never were!