Is Google Duo replacement for FaceTime?

Google Duo Highlights

There are lots of applications that try to compete with Facetime. These applications claim that they are simple to use, but in reality, nothing can beat Facetime’s simplicity.

To compete with that, Google released their own standalone Video Calling app named Duo last year. They had a video calling feature in their own app named Hangouts.

Three features Google Duo claims to stand out.

1. Knock-Knock feature — What this does is, when you call someone from Google Duo, the person you are calling will see your face as a preview. It is a fun feature.

2. Simple Interface — Yes, this application has the simplest user interface. It is straightforward. You open the app, you see people you have called in the past and just tap it!

3. End to End encryption — When you call someone from Google Duo, an end to end encryption connection is established by default.

For me, this is the replacement anyone would for Facetime. It is simple because of its simple interface and gets the work done.

One Advantage over Facetime — It is available on the cross platform, i.e, Android and IOS.

Thanks for reading, feedback would be appreciated.