Hurray! Achieved all 5 AWS Certifications

Utkarsh Sharma
Mar 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Guys, Finally I achieved AWS Certified DevOps Engineer — Professional Certification with this became all 5/5 AWS certified.

I already completed my AWS Certified Solution Architect professional exam 3 months ago and it helped me to study and reutilize my knowledge

SA Pro requires more breadth across AWS and DevOps Pro requires more depth in deployment, I took this advice to heart and prepared for both exams.

My exam experience :

In the exam, I found there was a heavy emphasis on Lifecycle hooks (AutoScaling), Lifecycle Events (OpsWorks), and Lifecycle Policies (S3)! and I got a number of questions like, Which of these options are Blue/Green deployment? or Which of these options is A/B testing?

Some of these questions were really simple, but some of them were pretty nasty,

The way these Pro tests are structured, test takers need to be very quick at picking apart the questions and answers. I strongly suggest you pay close attention to the clock because the time constraint is what I found to be the most difficult aspect of this exam.

Tips for aspiring people :

Read AWS Resources — I would highly recommend going through AWS documentation as it covers lot syllabus also read AWS White papers, AWS FAQ, Discussion forums/Blogs related with exam

Get Online Training — Go through Linux academy, Acloud guru courses those are really helpful.

Get Yourself an AWS Account & drill it !! — This is the most important point, Make sure you have your own RnD account to practice.

Get advice from the people who’ve already done — This helped me a lot, I talked with many people who already cleared this and understood the challenges they faced in the exam.

The power of elimination. — Using the process of elimination, you can reduce the chances of failure and get the answer quickly

Practice test — Go for the practice tests provided by AWS, it helps you calculate your knowledge on the specific topic.

The professional exams required a lot more focus on the labs and practice with your AWS account.

I hope what I’ve written can give you some ideas on how you can forge your own path there. Good luck !!

My AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional Certification Exam Tips:

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