Five Points to learn from the movie -The Social Network

Utkarsh Shukla
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The Social Network is a 2010 Hollywood biographical movie based on the book “The Accidental Billionaire”. It is the real-life story of Mark Zuckerberg on how he founded the company “Facebook” and what are the different challenges that he has faced while making Facebook available to every one of us. The film was recognized as the best movie of the 21st Century by many critics. Let’s take out five points from the movie and see how it can help all of us regardless of what walk of life we are having.

1. There is a difference between obsession and motivation

In the movie, we have seen that Mark Zuckerberg was called obsessed by his friend who was there at the Phoenix’s club, where we denied the same and called it a motivation, which led him to do something big and have his name on the wall of fame. We should know the difference between being obsessed with some and being motivated by someone. Both look similar and have a very slight difference between them. An obsessed person will be driven by negative energy which will result in a loss of cool, whereas a motivated person will be driven by positive energy and will maintain a pace at this goal.

2. Anger from Vengeance getting used in a right direction

Mark Zuckerberg, getting angry after being ditched by his girlfriend results in creating a website that allows college students to rate the attractiveness of college girls from their photos that he has hacked from his college database only, although it was a step taken in vengeance it resulted in him knowing that the people are more interested in knowing about the persons they know. At the end of the movie, we can see that he was sending requests to his ex-girlfriend who was now using the application developed by Mark Zuckerberg only. We can learn how to use our anger to turn something into gold rather than trying to damage it.

3. Having the right circle results in a bright future

Mark Zuckerberg was seeing having a squad of friends that helped him in developing Facebook, some financially while some with coding and marketing. This is how your circle should be, the one from which you can feel motivated and can have something to learn. Meeting the right investors at the right time and guiding him not to go for the ads at the starting phase of Facebook was a great piece of advice and it helped facebook a lot in becoming popular as there were no other distractions.

4. To know the audience of your Path

Before the start of Facebook, Mark found out that people are very keen to know about their colleagues, mates, and friends. They are liking to spend more time online seeing what other people are doing. That’s the nerve he knows he will hit with Facebook, and he hits it right out of the park. Knowing the audience of what you are pursuing or what you are trying to do is really important, it should be properly analyzed and kept in mind while trying to achieve your destiny.

5. Patience is the Key to Success

Mark Zuckerberg could have easily made millions of dollars in the initial phase of Facebook only, his CFO was trying to convince him to show up ads on their application and earn from it, but Mark never agreed, Why? Because he was aware of the vision of Facebook and didn’t want to ruin this just because of money. He kept on waiting until Facebook became popular and started getting a good amount of investment. It shows that if we have a clear vision of our ideas and the product we are working on, we should stick with it regardless of distractions and other factors. The only thing that mattered to him was to make Facebook reachable to a wide range of audiences and make them spend time on it. This is how Patience helps us in understanding and reach our goals.


We can conclude that it is a must-watch movie, irrespective of what career you are pursuing. It will help you a lot in knowing how to make it to the top of your game, irrespective of the distractions. Thanks for reading, that’s for now.

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