Reaching out: When events go Live

Your typical Friday night gig at the local waterhole.

Event management as a job has been around since old Victorian times. On the surface it seems pretty simple, pick an event, publicize it, make it happen and roll in cash. Scratch the surface a little and you get to see the chaotic mess that handling an event can become. Missed deadlines, projected targets and what not, it all boils down to one simple statistic-”How many people could you reach out to?”

Event business is all about those numbers. The number of people who know about your event directly affect the ticket sales. In case of a recurring event (Think annual, like Tomorrowland or Coachella) it is even more important that people get talking about your event so that the subsequent versions are an even bigger hit. Making people talk may sound easy but consider the fact that at any given point of time there is at least 5 different events happening in a given city and you see how hard it is to capture your target demographics attention.

Not pictured: Thousands of cameras flashing in his general direction.

People have tried doing this in many ways, some through advertisement, others through paid online promotion. Both the above mentioned ways have their own pros and cons which i am not going to go into because I am here to tell you there is a third, more suitable way, to get your events the attention they deserve. Enter Live Streaming. If it is becoming difficult for you to reach out to the attendees let them reach out to you. It is actually that simple. Consider India for an example. According to latest statistics, India has approximately 243,198,922 internet users in the country. If you setup a Live stream for your event and as a result reach out to .1% of the above audience you are still reaching out to nearly 2.5 lakh people which is AMAZING!

Given a choice, 70% of these people would pay to watch this from home.

Also, it is always going to be easier to reach out to people digitally than in real life. Digital marketing is on the rise and you cannot change it, so just embrace it. Being an early adopter always comes with its own benefits, advertising through Facebook to click on a link which takes a person to your YouTube channel to watch your event is going to be much, much cheaper than advertising on a hoarding and expecting people to show up physically in an arena.

I would like to take some time here and talk about our product InstaLively which does exactly that i.e. gets your events Live. At a cost as little as INR 5,000 you can have your event Live Streamed along with a branded event page where you can gather viewers beforehand. The Live Stream is done directly to your YouTube channel and can be monetized if you wish for it. Your event will also be promoted on InstaLively social media channels which will give you a boost in increasing your reach.

So the next time you are planning an event, keep some time and budget aside to reach out to people Live and I promise your returns will increase invariably.

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