Maluva and DRC

Future of Maluva and DRC

So far both tools have been independent from each other, but with last versions of Maluva and DRC published today, they integrate better with each other. They will still be two packages, but they know each other and so you can take some advantage.

EXTERN @38 0
#extern "MALUVA"
#extern "MLV_CPC.BIN"

Maluva releases

So far there hasn’t been any official Maluva release, basically I was adding changes to GitHub, and binaries were at “Release” folder. Release folder will stand for now, although I have removed OS dependent files, and only Maluva extern BIN files are there. On the other hand, I will be publishing Maluva package files, with official releases. You will be able to find them here.

Releasing games using Maluva

I have found it’s sometimes complicated for authors to build the final DSK, D64, etc. disks, and that’s why I’ve created a set of

DAAD Github Page

There is a DAAD page at Github, which is an Organization (non-personal) Github site. There are several repos there, like the DAAD repository itself, and DRC repository. I have moved DRC there from my own Github profile, as a way to join forces. I will soon move Maluva too (just checking there are not side effects from moving DRC before goind with Maluva and UNDAAD).



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