ZEsarUX debugger for DAAD


Watches allow the authors to see the content of flags, or the location of some objects. By default they will show the value of flags 0, 1, 33, 34, 35, 38 and 51.

Step by step execution

To run game step by stet, we have to press enter each time. That key, if we are out of the condacts zone is name as “runTO Condact”, and if the execution is in condacts zone is name “Step condacts”, but in the end it will lead as tu next condact (unless a player command has to be requested first). In the end we will get to some scrren like this:

Run to parse

Run to parse, the option you get to pressing P, let’s the debugger know “ok, I’ve seen enough, run all condacts without stepping until a player command is requested. That let us check the part of the code we want to check, but then run fast until next input.


The debugger does also allow us to see all message tables in the game. Just press E from the debugger and you will have a list of tables to view.

Download ZEsarUX

This feature is avaliable from ZEsarUX 7.3, you can download it here for Windows, Linux andMacOS:


That’s all for today, ZEsarUX debugger is what you need to get your DAAD code to the infinity and beyond :-)



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