Things You Should Know Regarding Acting in Film and Television

The acting done in commercials and in theatre is very different than the acting required for films and television. However, many actors who do commercials and theatre can achieve success in film and television acting too. So there is no such hard and fast rule. Some actors where models first like Brooke Shields, some actors where into music industry like Will Smith, some started their career as comedians like Kevin Hart and there are others who are highly trained actors with high literature background like Patrick Stewart.

No one can predict if you are a perfect cut out for film industry jobs. However, there are things that you can do to make your chances better! Here you will get to read about the difference between the film and television acting and the theatre acting. Also, you will get to read about what kind of work you will be able to find being a TV or film actor.

How to find the Right job?

Actors’ job is highly unpredictable. Hence, what may have worked for other actors, no guarantee that it will work for you too. There are certain actors who are doing well in the television industry but are still struggling to get work in films. There are some actors who were highly popular as film actors but were unable to get any good reviews for their work in TV industry.

You will need to give auditions for several roles even if you do not want to be part of a certain kind of film or TV soap operas. That’s because you never know what will click and increase your chances of getting selected at least in some kind of role. It will also give you work experience and make you know the inside details of how these things work. So keep your eyes and ears open for auditions happening around your town and do take part. You focus should be on improving your acting talent.

Which is better Film/TV acting or Theatre Acting?

No doubt, the theatre acting has more important status than the TV/Film acting. However, there is more money in the TV and film industry compared to the theatre jobs. Theatre actors need to be very talented and cannot make their career if they don’t have the acting talent in them. They need to prepare and improve their skills without any excuse. They need to perform in front of live audience and hence there are no retakes for them. They need to have time and patience to earn the critics accolades for their performance. Film and TV acting gives instant recognition. People know the actors all over the world. They get lot of money for their acting. They have the advantage of retakes too. They get more visibility and hence have better chance of landing a mega role in some big movie.

In short, being a theatre actor you won’t be able to make half the money that working in film and TV industry. If you happen to get a good role in the film and tv job, then there is no looking back.

Actors working in theatre need to finish their play in one go, there is no break of retakes. However, TV and film actors can work in bits and pieces. Actors working in films and TV serials need to do the shooting for several months and years. The worst parts from their performance will get edited out and only the perfect shots will appear on the TV sets. A bad acting cannot hide in case of a theatre play as it is before a live audience. Hence, theatre actors need to prepare a lot for their roles. They need to learn their dialogues. Looks matter in TV and film industry.

Only few theatre actors in the film industry jobs have managed to work in TV and films successfully and the reverse case is also true for only few actors. Most of the theatre actors don’t like working for several hours for their roles in TV and film projects. The TV and film actors find the acting on stage to be a difficult task.

Theatre actors need to be more responsible than the film and TV actors. They are lucky to witness the audience reaction during the play itself. In short they get immense satisfaction by working on stage in front of live audience. The remuneration is very low though.

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