Hydrochloric acid cleaning

The oxalate lines at an alumina refinery form part of a critical path for the precipitation component of a standard bayer circuit alumina refinery.

Lines don’t even have to be 100% restricted to have an impact on a given unit, restrictions have flow on effects. By the time inbound and outbound lines are blocked it will have a significant impact on the refinery.

The advantages of chemically cleaning the line as opposed to high pressure water or manual descaling were as follows:

  1. Reduced mechanical support requirements — scaffolding and fitting work required was significantly less
  2. Reduce timeline for cleaning
  3. No…

701 — Utrex Case Study

Scope of Work

During the period of 5th — 7th of March 2016 the Atlas Reformed Gas Waste Heat Boiler at the a Trinidad methanol plant was chemically cleaned to remove heavy deposits, predominantly magnetite.

The clean was executed successfully with Utrex providing consultancy and supervision, including specialist pumping, blending and metering equipment, and local contractors providing technicians, hoses, manifolds, frac tanks, and chemicals.

The client provided project management and were ultimately responsible for mechanical works to prepare the boiler for the procedure with final punch listing and mechanical support provided by Utrex.

Utrex consultants provided technical advise…

Utrex Ltd

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