Waste Heat Boiler Clean

701 — Utrex Case Study

Scope of Work

During the period of 5th — 7th of March 2016 the Atlas Reformed Gas Waste Heat Boiler at the a Trinidad methanol plant was chemically cleaned to remove heavy deposits, predominantly magnetite.

The clean was executed successfully with Utrex providing consultancy and supervision, including specialist pumping, blending and metering equipment, and local contractors providing technicians, hoses, manifolds, frac tanks, and chemicals.

The client provided project management and were ultimately responsible for mechanical works to prepare the boiler for the procedure with final punch listing and mechanical support provided by Utrex.

Utrex consultants provided technical advise and supplied procedures, quality assurance documents, safety documentation, chemical blending instructions, project management during final setup stages in preparation of the clean.

Utrex supplied 24/7 cover with consultants and supervisors during the clean, including the specialised chemical cleaning container, pumps, manifolds, steam injector manifold, flow meters, and other metering equipment.

Chemical cleaning container # 5 was designed, built and commissioned in the Utrex New Zealand workshop and shipped to Trinidad in February 2016.

Utrex’s new container setup

Our new container setup includes:

Utrex chemical cleaning container #5
  • SS316 multi-function blending manifold
  • Online temperature, pressure and flow monitoring
  • 2 x VSD electric 2” centrifugal chemical injection pumps
  • 1 x main 3” diesel circulation pump
  • Chemical diagram pumps, seal water pumps
  • 5.0 ton/hr direct steam injection manifold
  • Work bench, tools, fittings, adapters, hoses
  • Partitioned air-conditioned laboratory and office including
  • full instrumentation, office equipment, PPE store

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