Designing Themes for Hubilo

A Journey in Visual Design

In summer 2017, I joined the Hubilo Theme Team as an UI/UX Intern with the goal of exploring Visual Design on web and getting the experience of working in a Start-up. The Company created websites and apps for Events through automation and handled all the technical aspects of an event.

The Problem

Every Client is different and has unique taste in design. So it was important to understand different mind-sets and analyse their perspective for an event website. Also the automation software was well designed so it already had a list of sections that were to be designed for each theme. My job was to make different iterations for each section that suited a particular theme.

The Process

Hubilo’s Theme team had been working on the website themes project since long so I was provided with an UX Document by a senior designer. The Document had a brief of the elements used in 36 Different sections of a website that was integrated with the automation software. Each section had a specific set of rules that were to be followed while designing it. I tried to understand the UX of the existing themes. Once I had a brief idea of the UX, I started experimenting with it and sketching some ideas on paper.

The main agenda was to make a design:

· That was visually appealing.

· That make users access important information easily.

· That could work perfectly with the Automation Software.

· That worked with dynamic data and still looked visually appealing.

To summarize we wanted to create themes that when users accessed after a busy day felt nice and wasn’t frustrating to perform small tasks.

After sketching the basic designs the next step was digitalizing those sketches giving them colour and making it visually beautiful. So I opened my Adobe Experience Design (XD), a tool I normally use for UI-UX work and started playing around with the sketches on digital art boards. After getting those designs approved, the next step was Prototyping.

As a Computer Science student with no Design background, I had never really got my hands on prototyping and so I asked for help from my colleagues. Some senior designers on my team introduced me to this wonderful tool called InVision, It was completely free and had functionalities that helped me make beautiful prototypes.

Ready for Development

Finally after 2 months of work I had completed 9 different themes that were ready to be developed and be a part of Hubilo’s theme collection.

Lessons Learnt

While working on design projects we can always look back on the journey and see some beautiful lessons we have learned. Being my first internship it was the best it could get, I worked with a lot of inspiring people and learnt many great things.

Designing for Hubilo was an incredible adventure. I would like to thank the entire Hubilo Team for their hard work in building this experience and Transforming events into happening hubs.

You can checkout my work here