The best android watch face for productivity

I am a gmail user since 2005 and have been using Android since 2011. I also use the Moto 360 (an android wear smart watch) because I wanted to try using a smart watch. I never felt that using a smart watch helped me much in improving my productivity. That is until last week when I discovered the Outlook watch face. I have an email address that I use just for logging on to Microsoft apps and accounts. I also had installed the outlook app to check emails on my smart phone. Last week I was scanning through watch faces on my watch and the Outlook watch face stood out. The design looked pleasing to the eye and I started using it. It seemed to give me information from my calendar that read ‘All caught up, Enjoy your day’. I was pleasantly surprised and I assumed that since it is an Android wear watch face, it must be reading my google calendar. Since it was a Sunday, I thought I will see my meetings for Monday on Monday. Surprisingly, it still said ‘All caught up’ on Monday. That is when I realized that the watch face uses the calendar from the Outlook app and not my Google calendar. I was disappointed and looked for similar watch faces that used Google calendar on the Play store. I found one but I still liked the look and feel of the Outlook watch face. As a desperate attempt, I added my work gmail account to the outlook app and that did the trick. It started showing me when my next meeting is every time I looked at the time. This was one feature that made me more productive instantly.

As a developer, when I am programming, I am engrossed in the problem at hand and I have a habit of missing planned meetings that are on my calendar. I get notifications 10 minutes before a meeting, but somehow I seem to snooze them mentally. This sucks more when the meeting is with a prospective candidate. If you miss this meeting then the candidate may think that you (and your company) are not that serious or professional. When I program, I check the time every now and again and it is good to know that there is for example, 45 minutes before the next meeting. It allows you to plan the next 45 minutes so that you can leave work at a logical end before you take a break for the meeting. With the Outlook watch face I am a more productive developer as well a punctual meeting attendee.

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