Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s How to Actually Change Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

Close, but no cigar. Actually, not even that.

I’m over 60. To say I’ve had a hard life would be fair…to some. To say I’ve had a great life would be as true.

Some highlights from MY book include:

1) Getting killed by own father at age 4 (Monty Python spoiler…I got better)

2) A #metoo experience at age 10

3) Serving during Vietnam but the real danger was from my own superiors who tried to silence me about their crimes

4) Creating technology and working with people like Steve Jobs

5) Raising a wonderful son

6) Finding the love of my life…after an ex-wife tried to murder me

7) Becoming a highly regarded and well paid technologist…with only a GED on paper

What did I do to change tragedy to triumph? Succeed when I absolutely shouldn’t have?

Here’s your freebie for 2018 — two sentences that have defined my time on Earth.

What I’ve willed, I’ve dared. What I’ve dared, I’ve done.

That’s it.

The secret of life is not 42. It’s the fact that we make our own Heaven or Hell or whatever floats your spiritual boat right here, right now, every single day.

There. Saved you $19.95 from Amazon.

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