JavaScript —Searching through arrays

Convert your arrays to objects first to avoid too many iterations and speed up your code

Kristoffer Karlsson
Feb 5, 2017 · 2 min read

Say we have an array with objects where each object represents a data point in a chart. Each object has a ‘date’ field which is a string that represents the data point’s date, and a ‘value’ field which represents the value of some metric for that date.

var series = [
{date: '2017-01-01', value: 23000},
{date: '2017-01-02', value: 22000},
{date: '2017-01-03', value: 21000},
{date: '2017-01-04', value: 20000},

We also have an array of strings that represent dates that we want to plot in a chart.

var dates = ['2017–01–01', '2017–01–02'];

We are only interested in the objects in the ‘series’ array that have a ‘date’ field that exists in the ‘dates’ array.

The most common way would be to iterate through the dates array and the for every date iterate through the series array. This method is not so effective since we are doing unnecessarily many iterations.

for (var i = 0; i < dates.length; i++) {
for (var n = 0; n < series.length; n++) {
if(dates[i] === series[n].date){
console.log("Value " + series[n].value);

By converting our series array to a object we then only need to iterate through it one time, after that we can just fetch the values just like normal properties.

var seriesObj = {};
for (var i = 0; i < series.length; i++) {
var s = series[i];
seriesObj[] = s.value;
for (var i = 0; i < dates.length; i++) {
console.log(" Value " + seriesObj[dates[i]]);

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