UUGH! or: Issues regarding University of the Underground

Core Concerns:

  1. Principles regarding Corporately Funded Education

The Story So Far:

1. Immediate renaming of the course to remove any suggestion that the course is linked with the free-school movement / independent education which the name currently implies. A new name must better reflect its corporate interests or the actual suggested outcomes of the course i.e Experience Design

2. The funding is not through philanthropy as donors are not individuals, it is through corporate sponsorship and it should be called that on the site.

3. We demand the immediate changing of language and imagery used on the website. Appropriating the terminology of free schools and activism while blending it with neoliberalised corporate language is an embarrassment for the students and staff of the Sandberg Instituut. The aesthetics of protest such as handwritten daubing should also be removed as they add to the insinuation of an anti-establishment institution.

4. We demand clarification and full transparency regarding the staffing, funding, and organisation of the “University of the Underground” course be show. With links between teaching staff and funding avenues be explicit.

5. A few sections of particular concern are quoted below. However we request that all text on the entire site be rewritten and stripped of both radical rhetoric and the ‘counter-cultural references’ see (www.universityoftheunderground.org/faqs/)

We would also like to be informed of the plan to involve a journalist which we also have concerns about and would appreciate a dialogue concerning that before any plan is finalised.



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