What I wish I knew when I became CTO
David Mack

Outstanding article. We should have more of those! Damn, I should write my own learnings one day…

One aspect I have to disagree on is:

Don’t hire someone to do something you’ve not yet figured out

When it comes to recruitment, my philosophy is that people are not cogs. They are more like seeds. If you’re looking for a specific tool to solve a problem, people are not that tool — and when I recruit (and I agree on your points to the timing and criticality of that), I don’t have what they’re going to do in mind, rather what will they add to the team when things need to get done. I actually never think of the current problem I need to solve when I recruit, but all the possible ones I don’t know about yet that I’ll be facing, and is this the right person to evolve with the company. With the team.

People change. Their interest change. So does companies and their challenges. Figuring what to do with a person is the least of my problems when I recruit. Finding those individuals with the right spark is.

My best human capital investments were always those with the insufficient experience, irrelevant knowledge and lack of credentials — but stellar potential, passion and “hunger”.

My 2c.

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