The US’s decline is of its own making, and I think it’s more due to its corrosive capitalism, not…
Charles Arthur

Of course, government cannot possibly be corrosive…gotcha.

GDP is just an arbitrary number generated by an arbitrary government agency. I put no stock in it.

State funded anything is horrible. Most of debt is caused by ridiculous pension plans that are economically impossible to fund. Keeping the rule of law upheld can be done with a very small percentage of our current government expenditures.

There is nothing wrong with a trade “deficit”. If you could buy a Japanese car for 10% cost of an American car, you would. And you could use the remaining 90% saved on more productive things.

Sorry, it is the state vs you. The fact is that the countries with the least government interference in the market are the best economically.

I say if you want a more government controlled country, move out of my country and head on over to North Korea. That is a government controlled heaven.

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