Yay, Trump Elected, PC Era is finally Over!! Right?

As I wrote on my first and previous Medium post, too many people believe that Trump being elected as The POTUS, means the end of this bullshit called PC. From now on, no one will try to convince us that a family doesn’t have to have a mother and a father, no one will try to convince us that you say “homosexual” instead of “fag”, and no one will try confuse us with there being more than two genders, and that you can change it by whim! Woo-hoo! Bring out the champagne!

Well, hold on, it might be too early. There might just be a few problems in the way:

We have proved that we are the masses, the overwhelming majority who wants Trump as president, and therefore we have proved that all those people who bullshit us about “LGBT Rights” are just a minority. I mean, have you looked at that map? It’s red all over! And sure, Clinton got the popular vote, but this is America, and America is great, therefore the electoral college is great, and America is a democracy, therefore the electoral college is democratic, and democracy is the vote of the majority, therefore — we are the majority.

I have no doubt that all the people who voted Trump, who are the majority, did this not because all this political right-left nonsense, because this election was about whether not you believe this conspiracy that people can be whatever they want by whim and call this normal, and that’s that, and that’s why Trump was elected. All the people who voted Trump did this because we want this “PC nonsense” out, not because this “left-right” thing.

And it is thus that finally we can grab liberal chicks by the pussy and finally tell them what we think of them, and get the minorities out one way or the other. Democracy my ass, people voted Trump and therefore this is backed up by over half the nation. Even when they say they don’t support this, they do, they’re just afraid the PC people might still get them.

Okay, just before I get lynched, let me clarify that all of the above paragraphs are written entirely, except the first one or two sentences, sarcastically. Just in case you didn’t figure it out and the word “sarcasm” didn’t pop up out of every word I write. Now let me take off my sarcastic hat and write seriously.

Some people really believe what I wrote above, and I am concerned about the consequences. If that surprises you that some Trump supporters are like that (say, if you voted Trump but you are a reasonable person who understands and values democracy, like I honestly believe most of the people who voted Trump are), then I’m sorry to be the one who breaks out the news, but this line of thinking is a real thing, and you can read about it in my previous post. It may sound like a small issue but there are two things to remember — just because this really are a small percents of his voters, America is a big country, so that still is a lot of people. And second, words and thoughts like these are dangerous because they turn to actions, and in case, we’ve already seen this (again, see my previous article if you haven’t heard about this. Also, if you haven’t, I envy you, because you have had less depression to deal with until now).

Despite being an ocean and a sea away from the USA, and despite not being a citizen there (closest thing to USA citizenship I have: tourist visa), I am concerned. I’ve read somewhere an internet comment from a USA citizen complaining about how all the other countries care too much about their election. Putting aside the irony of a USA citizen complaining about countries caring too much about other countries’ politics, I want to focus on the fact that this matters because we all live on this same planet. And I’m truly afraid.

I’m afraid because some people here (Israel), there (The US), and everywhere (other countries) see Trump as some Messiah, a sign from God, or the people, or both — an approval to “opinions” that shouldn’t be opinion, and yes, they really are just a small group in comparison to the sane majority, but it takes one crazy person to do something huge.

People in the US may recall the recent Orlando massacre. I personally think about a murder that took place in an Israeli gay pride parade, where a crazy man, who believed himself to be sent by God, stabbed multiple people, killing one them — a sixteen year old girl. I should state that for those of you who don’t know, Israel is actually a mostly-sane democratic place (also, not to brag, but one of our gay pride parades is the most massive one is all of Asia), but just like The US, it takes not much incitement to get something awful to happen.

And I’m scared because someone might get murdered anytime now, that is, if that hasn’t already happened. You may call me paranoid, but I’ve seen the worst, and I’m worried about everyone — people I know, people I don’t know, people I’d agree with, people I’d disagree with, because as a human, I see the entire humanity as my brethren and sisters. And if that takes one crazy person believing to be God’s messenger to kill a girl at a gay pride parade, then I think I’m right to be worried when one my friends is an openly lesbian teenage girl who is an LGBT right activist, in a time like this.

If you still think I’m paranoid, well, let me reply with the words of prophet Jeremiah:

Amen! May the Lord do so! May the Lord fulfill the words you have prophesied!

Or, in other words, I really hope you’re right, but I see the worst that could happen.

So, what to do? I’ve discussed it before, but here’s the gist of it:

  1. Be kind to one another. Don’t fight fire with fire. Encourage thoughtful, respectful discussion, but —
  2. Do know to tell apart opinions that should be heard from incitement words disguised as opinions, trying to be spoken with the excuse of “free speech” that really doesn’t apply here.
  3. Online, don’t feed the trolls. Don’t agree with them, don’t argue with them. Based on how the internet works, the right thing to do is ignore them.
  4. If you see something problematic in real life, however, be brave and stand up. Stand up to hateful people, for people you don’t know, because it’s a stranger today, an acquaintance tomorrow, and you soon. I know this is more easily said then done, but I encourage you to remember this and be brave if you see something like this if you see something problematic in real life. And here’s hoping you don’t.

Thinking about it, these advises are always valid.

So, here’s hoping I’m wrong about all of this and being overly paranoid. God bless humanity.