3 Takeaways from the 1st edition of We Are Wearables Montreal


We were gladly present at We Are Wearables’ first Montreal Meetup. A lot was said, a lot of advice was given and a lot of products were demoed. Overall, we had a great time- a free event with free food and drinks always makes for a great night! We listened to the talks chatted with everyone and went around the different booths to talk business with the startups there. Here are 3 takeaways we learned.

Ilias Benjelloun, presenting Desjardins Lab

Hardware is back

In the past couple of years, hardware startups have been quite absent from the scene in the Montreal Startup community. If We Are Wearables Montreal showed us anything, it’s that hardware is back with a boom. With organizations like Centech and District 3 expanding and growing by the day, all the ingredients are there to ensure a friendly future for hardware startups in Montreal.

Montreal is the best city for startups

The fact that We Are Wearables now has a Montreal edition- and let’s hope this continues for a long time- tells you a lot about how good this city is doing in terms of its startup ecosystem. A high variety of startups thrive in an environment made which has all the ingredients to succeed. As Louis Ross, CEO of Motion Engine, phrased it: “Montreal can be in the top 3 cities in the world in many sectors of the startup world”. He’s right- this city has done a lot for us and continues to support us in every way it can. In fact, Montreal is getting more and more recognition by the day, such as being stated in the top 16 startup hubs to watch in 2016- and we can vouch for it. As Dax Dasilva said it: “Montreal has an amazing, distinctively collaborative startup community”. This was truly obvious at the event, which leads us to the next point.

It’s all about collaboration

The startup community is all about helping each other out. It’s hard to be an entrepreneur, but in a community as awesome as ours, you’re never alone. We had the chance to chat with Mighty Cast CEO Adam Adelman, who spoke at the event, and it’s amazing how open he was to helping us out. After all, they’re a bracelet, we’re a watch, so we’re indirect competitors, but that didn’t matter. Adam told us everything he knows without hesitation- and we’re very grateful for that. The OMsignal team also gave us a bunch of tips and tricks, which we’ll put into action. Their graphic designer told us about the importance of design in a hardware product. It may sound obvious, but sometimes hardware startups focus too much on the technology and forget about the fashion aspect of their product. Basically, the people in this community have each other’s backs and are always willing to share their experience. We’re also very open to talk about our experience. If you have any questions, make sure you come see us at Startup Open House!

The Panel of Speakers gave interesting advice to Startups in the crowd

Overall, this was an awesome event at which we learned a ton. Let’s hope the next edition of We Are Wearables Montreal isn’t too far away! And a special thank you to ilias Benjelloun from Desjardins Lab, Tom Emrich, founder of We Are Wearables and Meryeme Lahmami, co-organizer of the event, for making this happen. As Tom and Ilias said, it’s great to be able to organize such events in Montreal. Until next time!

-The Uvolt Team

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