Defying The Urge To Quit

In our world today, I have witnessed a lot of individuals throw in the towel at a time when their breakthrough is close. The rationale behind throwing in the towel after all hard work ,sweat and challenges is what am yet to fathom. I am writing this article to give hope to that individual who is on that thin line between quitting and thriving . So many people quit because things are out of control. They have no solutions to their predicament and all efforts to improve their situations have proved abortive.There are times when things would go so bad that the only option is to give in, own up to their challenges and give up. If you are in this bracket, I would implore you to have an open mind as we sojourn here together as i share some insights into defying that urge to quit.

There’s a saying that a negative mind won't give you a positive life. The battles of life is first won in the mind. Life would pay any price you ask of it…. The urge to quit is triggered when we give that spark to our mind that we can't do this anymore, we cant keep up with that challenge anymore.The mind is the frequency that our will and capabilities tune to. Once the battle of your life is lost in the mind it is lost evidently except you get yourself back on to think positively.As a man thinketh in the heart so he is says the holy book.Keep your mind nourished with positive thoughts even in the worst predicament.How do you win the fight when the enemy is within you? Win this battle and there will be no cause for quitting.

Moreso another element to defy the urge to quit is Self Belief. There is no greater gift to a man than his belief in himself and that he can attain and achieve all things if he sets his mind, resources(Mental & Human) to it.Even when the world is against you, it's your self belief that would act as a fuel to keep you going.Carl Jung Said “ I am not what has happened to me, i am what i choose to be” and that's a fact i hold so tenaciously.Its not what they say about you that matters, its what you say about YOU that matters. So keep believing because its not about them but you to defy the urge to quit.

In Addition, I believe every problem has a solution and a skill set required to meet such problems and I implore you my readers to invest in self development. Ignorance has always been the canker worm of the mediocre and thus it has become a bane to that individual who is on the brink of quitting. Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune.So get some skills today if you don't have as it would help you attain your desired goal faster and if you feel it's late to acquire one then hire someone with a skill set that matches your challenge.

Above all, I believe you should commit your work or endeavour to God because he alone is the one who enables us to do exploits.

This is my first post and its an open minded one.Read with an open mind and remember that at the end of every tunnel, the clouds are waiting to be seen. Nothing lasts forever ,Defy the urge to quit at every time t.

Uwazuruike Henry Ugochukwu Pepple