The Benefits of Joining Blueprint

Blueprint is a community of builders committed to using their skills to support nonprofit organizations in making real social change.

We’re looking for smart, passionate students who are excited about making a positive difference in our community.

Blueprint Fall ‘16’


We care deeply about the culture and the people we bring on. You’ll make close friends who are genuine and smart. We have a social, outgoing team that works hard and plays hard. We hold a ton of planned and spontaneous events and we’re even planning on getting a room on campus to hang out. We want you to make real friendships and connections.

We have some of the brightest and most ambitious students with many years of combined work experience at Google, Microsoft, Snap, Yelp, Uber and many more. We love sharing our past experiences, having discussions about random topics, and helping each other achieve success. What’s most amazing is how committed our members are at using their skills and network to help Blueprint realize its mission.


You’ll gain new technical and interpersonal skills in a collaborative, nurturing environment that ensures our members are always growing. While working on our projects, you’ll learn how to work in a team, be an effective leader, and enhance your communication skills.

We have a high bar for the code we write, so our development is quite rigorous. We write tests, have code reviews and have design reviews. You will learn about agile development, how to work in a fast-paced environment, and how to produce high quality work.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn entirely new technology stacks and frameworks from people with a lot of experience using them. Our stack consists mainly of Rails, React, Java for Android and Swift for iOS. But we’re open to using technologies that get the job done well.


We’re providing an amazing opportunity to help nonprofits — the ones who have yet to utilize technology to it’s fullest potential. Building technology is expensive and has only been leveraged by those who could afford it. There are many problems that nonprofits face that are begging for a technological solution. Your work will leave a real impact in society and the surrounding community. What you build will directly affect the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Instead of building hacks or superficial apps that don’t solve real problems, work on projects that will leave impactful changes.


It’s exciting to work at lucrative companies working on the next big thing. But, it’s easy to get stuck in this bubble and completely miss out on the huge problems the rest of the world experiences. It’s never emphasized in our education that technology can or should be used for social good. Being part of Blueprint will give you perspective in what technology is capable of and the very real problems that are itching to be tackled.

If you join Blueprint you can see how small projects can impact the world in a big way.

Help us make an impact solving real problems. Apply to join Blueprint today!

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