5 differences between your freshman and senior year of college

By: Abby Yurish

College is a life changing experience for everyone. It’s your first time living away from your parents, and you get the chance to reinvent yourself. You may come into college knowing who you want to be and what you want to do, but a lot can change in four years. Read below about the differences between a freshman and senior in college.

Getting ready for class

As a Freshman:


When you’re a freshman, getting out of your dorm room and going to class can be an exciting part of your day. You get to see all of your new friends and get the full “college experience” in the classroom (always while looking your very best, of course.)

As a Senior:


As a senior, it’s considered a good day if you get out of your sweats, much less go to class.

Studying for an exam

As a Freshman:


Coming into college you have big expectations of yourself: “I’m going to be a 4.0 student, be involved in 5 different organizations on campus, and I’m going to study abroad in Australia!”

As a Senior:


When you’re in your last year of college, you seriously consider putting “can study and watch Netflix at the same time” as a skill to put on your resume.

Going out for a night on Water Street

As a Freshman:

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As a freshman, going to college meant freedom. Regardless of how busy or stressful your week was, you were ready to hit the town every weekend.

As a Senior:

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A nice low-key night at the Joynt where you can catch up with your friends and complain about your upcoming transition into the “real world” seems much more appealing than hanging out at a crowded bar when you are a senior.

Making new friends

As a freshman:

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Your first year of college is a whirlwind of new people. At first, it’s great to have so many friends on campus, but as the years go by, you will realize that quality trumps quantity.

As a senior:

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After a few years of being a college student, the phrase “quality over quantity” begins to make more sense.


As a freshman:

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When you were a freshman, you had unlimited access to soft serve ice cream and french fries with your meal plan.

As as senior:


When you were a senior and living off campus, you had to “cook” for yourself (which usually meant ordering enough pizza to last you through the week or making a package of Ramen noodles).

How did the four years you spent at UW-Eau Claire impact you? How did you grow and change? Let us know!