The 5 most beautiful views of UW-Eau Claire

Photo credit: @markthayes

Over the years, UW-Eau Claire has been ranked among the top Universities in the Midwest for veterans, return on investment and for our undergrad programs. However, nothing can compare to the beauty that is the UW-Eau Claire campus. We’ve narrowed it down, and from 28 major buildings and 333 acres, we’ve identified what we believe are the top 5 most beautiful views of UW-Eau Claire. What do you think?

5. Little Niagra

Need we say more? Little Niagara is not only a beautiful place to relax on campus but also provides learning opportunities for students in natural science courses.

Photo credit: Tori Follett

4. Putnam Rock

Putnam Rock is a great place to “get away” without leaving campus. Just look at this view!

Photo credit: UW-Eau Claire

3. Campus Mall

Campus Mall might look a little different now than it did a few years ago, but it is still a beautiful place to hang out and study.

Photo credit: @graceconway13

2. Hilltop

Blugolds are pretty lucky to have this view to admire during breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Photo credit: @sweeyenkhoo

1. The Bridge

Of course, the bridge is beautiful during ALL FOUR seasons of the year (although some seasons are less desirable than others when it comes to crossing the bridge!)

Photo credit: @schruppie222 and Anona Waind