100 Bullet Proof Ways to become an Entrepreneur

2017 is just around the corner, and with a new year comes a new space for great business ideas.

But what if you can’t come up with any business ideas? Or you have the energy and even money, but you just don’t know where to put it?

Well, luckily for you, we’ve compiled 100 of the best business ideas that you can start doing today. Some require work with your hands, most with your brains. Some you don’t need any money at all, and others will require some money (and time).

With these 100 great business ideas, you’re sure to find one (or many) that’ll tickle your fancy. So have a look and see which is the best for you!

  • Day care — If you’re great with kids and have a safe home, a daycare will guarantee you steady income.
  • Dog walking — This requires no money and little dog knowledge (for most dog breeds) and an enjoyable few hours of your time.
  • Dog sitting — Instead of putting their pets in doggie hotels, pet owners will pay you to watch their most loved pets in your or their home.
  • Errand services — Odd jobs are horribly boring and time-wasters for most busy people to do — and they’ll be happy to pay someone else to do it.
  • Lawn mowing — While having a lawnmower is a necessity, with a little investment and the right knowledge, you can have a steady income with no training necessary.
  • Handyman — As we explain in our full, free guide, handyman work varies a lot, and you can start with smaller jobs if you have few tools.
  • Landscaping — If you have the basic equipment and energy, you can do landscaping for commercial and residential properties
  • Home-based bakery — If you love baking, why not make a lot at one time and sell them off to shops and homes?
  • Frozen bakery goods — this is even better for homes, frozen baked goods that you can prepare and freeze and sell anytime.
  • Personal chef — If you love cooking and others compliment you constantly, set yourself up as a freelance personal chef.
  • Pool cleaning — Commercial and private residences need their pools cleaned on a regular basis, which means a steady income for you.
  • Tailoring — With just a few basic tools, you can start tailoring peoples worn clothes, especially useful in winter weather.
  • Blogging based on industry knowledge — If your knowledge is valuable, set up a blog. As a bonus, you can begin setting advertising immediately, and as your blog grows, so will your wallet.
  • Online coaching — If you have skills in a demanded field, start selling your coaching, either online or in-person.
  • Graphic design — With digital increasing, graphic design is more in-demand than ever, and just needs a computer and basic software.
  • Web design — Almost everyone has a website these days, and many will need their sites to be personalized the way they want.
  • Website development — When the client knows how the site should look, you can do the coding and get paid.
  • Tax preparation — Taxes are difficult for almost everyone, and if you have accounting skills, you can set up tax preparation for about $250 per tax return.
  • Cleaning business — All you need is energy and a few basic supplies everyone has (we even have a free, full guide to get you started).
  • Ebooks — This is like coaching, but through a book. Self-publishing is so easy nowadays, why not sell your knowledge through ebooks?
  • Podcasting — Get some great topics and interesting guests, and people will pay money to hear your podcasts.
  • Youtube vlogger — Youtube stars get money from affiliate sales, sponsorships and advertising revenue.
  • Dropshipping — Set up your Shopify shop for a niche product without ever having to see inventory.
  • Amazon reselling — Reselling other people’s products on Amazon can reap huge benefits for you.
  • Phone and tablet cases — Everyone has a smartphone or tablet, and you can take advantage of the market by selling unique cases.
  • Affiliate sales — Anytime anyone buys a product through a link on your site, you get a percentage of sales.
  • Virtual assistant — VAs are needed throughout the business world to do the more mundane tasks other busy people don’t have the time for.

Uwe is the CEO & founder of InvoiceBerry, an online invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers. He loves Entrepreneurship, business and technology. Follow him on Twitter: @uwedreiss