6 months after I quit my unicorn startup to face my existential crisis
Ariel Liu

Hi Ariel

Just wanted to say hello and to encourage you to continue your path. As you can see through my photo I no longer go through my younger years. But reading your article I found out that we both took a very similar path and search for similar things : meaningful activities leading to a meaningful life. Most people are not really aware of the lack of meaningfulness in their life. It took me 50 years and a very serious health issue to get there.

I am surprised by the amount of similarities in our search : I paint, I am a mindful meditation instructor, I take live drawing lessons and I quit my job in order to look for something to do more close to my real values AND I love Hermann Hesse (Steppenwolf being the question and Siddharta part of the answer !).

Just like you I am sort of disappointed by the art communities I found in social medias. There’s just no real communication.

I would love and feel honored to discuss these topics with you. Here are some of my activities on the web : https://www.paintingemotions.com ; https://doctorkandinsky.wordpress.com/

Maybe we could start a new community …

Kindest greeting from France

Uwe Hoche

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