Are You Culturally Appropriating Buddhism?
The Establishment

I read so much anger in your article and I feel sorry for that. But you see many of those who buy little Bouddha statues, singing bowls and maybe even prayer flags are actually searching for relief from suffering. They don’t mean to show disrespect. So it might just be that you call racist people who try to be tolerant.

Do I believe that Jesus would be ok with people worshipping little statues nailed to wooden crosses? No I don’t

Do I believe Sidhartha would appreciate people worshipping little flags or little smiling Bouddha statues ? No I don’t

Rosaries, crosses, statues, singing bowls and so on are only material tools to enable you to get more easily to the point of the Dharma, the Bible, the Koran.

There’s only one sacred thing and that is life. Mindfulness is a good way to become aware of that. Explaining is better than getting angry. Loving kindness is a better way towards less suffering than crosses or statues my friend and as a wise Buddhist monk said “when you see Buddha punch him in the belly”

Life is too short and too precious to waste a single moment with anger or fear, and misunderstanding can only be rectified by friendly teaching. And it’s better to buy prayer flags than weapons isn’t it. ?

May you find inner peace through the Dharma my friend.


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