Morning meditation

Saturday, early morning

Sitting on a stool, watching the bamboo move slowly.

Fresh breeze on my ankles, breath in, breath out, birds singing, the weight of my body on the stool’s wooden surface.

breath in, breath out, in , out, thoughts rushing in, thoughts fading out, breath in, out, in, out, the sound of leaves moving in the wind, in, out, a sensation of heaviness in my legs, an aircraft up in a distance, my body as a whole, sensations, thoughts, feelings.

I close my eyes to open myself to more sensations, more sounds, more thoughts allowing them to rush in and out fast, then less fast. Slowly a global sensation of being arises and falls apart in an instant. Breathing, feeling, letting things in into a sphere of awareness. Opening it wider and wider to make space for it all. Body sensations, thoughts, pictures, emotions, sounds, … breath in the center. Instants of awareness coming and going letting my mind wander free and centering my consciousness back to the here and now again and again.

Becoming a part of the whole. Being alive and knowing it.


Now let’s go have a coffee …

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