You can (and should) learn a new language
The Mission

Speaking fluently three languages, I can only fully agree with your article, but let’s not forget that the main interest in learning other languages is communicating. Using apps to learn is ok but it will never replace living in a foreign country. Mutual understanding between cultures takes time and the will to be open to different ways to think, eat and live together. The languages are only vectors in this process and knowing how to order a beer in Spanish just isn’t enough to experience a new culture. For that you need to spend time with people and share their views.

The reason why I say this is that in many countries all over the world the different cultures just don’t share their views and prefer (or believe to be forced to) staying in socio-cultural ghettos. Those famous Chinatowns, Spanish districts, and so on ( you have the same with the Turkish population in Germany, the Algerian in France, the Pakistani in London,…) are certainly one of the reasons why tensions arise between communities.

We need to send our children abroad and receive young people from other countries for more than a 3 day stay. Every child should be in contact with at least one other language as early as in preschool. And so on.

The internet is a fantastic tool for communication but the main language still is English and I don’t know a single app or website trying to bring people of different cultures together to teach one another a language, a culture or to exchange ideas on a non commercial base…if some of you are interested in creating an app or a site dedicated to that let me know

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