Mediocrity is a Virus. Here’s How to Banish it from Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

This is a lie! Mediocrity is necessary unless you don’t want anyone to be outstanding. In other words if more people were outstanding then outstandingness would become the mediocrity. That’s the definition of a Bell curve and bell curves are what defines all natural processes. Elementary scientific truth.

So don’t be afraid to be mediocre at least you’re not outstanding the wrong way.

Here’s my list :

  • Ernest Hemingway was an alcoholic
  • Winston Churchill smoked and said the secret of his longevity was “no sports”
  • Albert Einstein was considered a mediocre scientist until …
  • Pablo Picasso could hardly pay his rent until his fourties
  • Vincent Van Gogh sold one single painting in his entire life and it was bought by … his own brother
  • Sidhartha Gautama did real bad as a warrior prince, as a yogi, as a brahmane and then he became… the Buddha
  • ….

I could go on for hours. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re mediocre and first of all don’t tell yourself you are mediocre. You can be a mediocre salesperson but an outstanding dad, a real bad football player but a bad ass geek, a mediocre writer but an outstanding painter.

You can be fat and intelligent, sick and wise, ….

PLEASE people get adult!

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