Most marketing communications feels like a date from hell

Uwe Hook
Uwe Hook
Jan 19 · 2 min read

You found her on an online site, she seems intriguing, everything you are looking for.

You meet in person, the first impression is pure magic. You start the conversation and it turns within a few moments into a monologue. You learn everything about her, every last detail. You keep asking questions because that’s the only way to keep the conversation going. Whenever she asks you a question, she is bored immediately and wants to add her perspective. It’s easier for you just to keep listening to her, mentally walking away from the table, waiting for the moment you never have to see her again.

When you look at your inbox, it’s clear that brands are trained in the art of monologue. They act like 3-year olds sharing everything with their parents. That works most of the time for the little ones because they are closest to our hearts. It can’t work for brands but they keep trying because they don’t know better, the marketing engine has to run.

That’s only half of the story: Marketing is not about telling customers everything. It’s to make them curious to learn more. Just like a good date, the best marketing is to know how much information is enough, what to leave unsaid. And leave space for your own imagination to complete the picture.

Written by

Uwe Hook

German born, raised globally. At the intersection of technology, business, and humanity. Goal: Change the world. And be a good person.

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