What made me think — April 15, 2018

Spent a few days in Hamburg at a conference about the future of work

What I read

You know who’s really addicted to their phones. The olds. Totally agree. Younger adults/Teenagers seem more mature in handling the drug.

AI’s biggest challenge is human, not technological. “AI will be made in man’s image. Man’s image will either be rudely reflected back to us in unintended behaviors and outcomes, or thoughtfully created to fulfill on the values that truly benefit us. Now is the time to revisit who we are and what we stand for.”

Hesitate! Quick decision-making might seem bold, but the agony of indecision is your brain’s way of making a better choice.

What I watched

The Shape of Water: The art direction, product design, acting and directing was perfect. The story lacked tremendously. You knew how it would end once the movie started. A popcorn movie that made me feel empty.

I, Tonya. The trailer was better than the movie. Still, an interesting movie that tries to walk the balance between enticing gossip and the reality of her life. I was underwhelmed.

Call me by your name. I loved this coming-of-age movie. It hit every note perfectly, made me long for lazy European summer days and reminded me of the fleeting of love. Visually stunning and always on point. Perfection.

The Disaster Artist. Of all the four movies that I watched this week, this was my favorite. The combination of Hollywood craziness, intimate portrait of a friendship, the Franco brothers connection and Ed Wood awkwardness felt real and touching.

Having seen all the Oscar contenders, I would have voted for “Call me by your name”. A movie for the ages. But I’m sure I will never see it again. I’m sure I will watch “Disaster Artist” again. It’s just so entertaining and weird. And, of course, “The Room”.

What I listened to

Tom Peter continues to be in the search of excellence. I admire him because he cares so much and continues to evolve.

The Opioid Habit: The history of opioid addiction in the US. Backstory is one of those wonderful podcasts that educates you. In this case, about US popular history.