What made me think — April 22, 2018

Yes, we celebrated a birthday

What I read

Why good people turn bad online. “If social media as we know it is going to survive, the companies running these platforms are going to have to keep steering their algorithms, perhaps informed by behavioural science, to encourage cooperation rather than division, positive online experiences rather than abuse. As users, we too may well learn to adapt to this new communication environment so that civil and productive interaction remains the norm online as it is offline.”

A World History Map. Yes, please. Wonderful visualization.

What I watched

  • Avicii: True Stories — Watched it after I heard about his death and I can say I missed a true talent during his lifetime. I just knew him through his mega hits but I had no idea how talented he was, how troubled by the pressure of the business and how profound the loss his death is to music. No matter what the cause was, he shouldn’t have died so young and we lost out on amazing art from a torn soul.
  • Have been a big fan of Marcus Brown’s various identities, stories and iterations for a while. The Shape of Change — 4 tips and observations about digital transformation in accelerating world is stellar. Great work.

What I listened to

  • How did I ever live without this podcast? Last Podcast on the Left — Casey Anthony. Great team, funny, outrageous, awesome. And, how is Casey Anthony not in jail?
  • What men think: USA. Insightful and sad reality of American manhood and masculinity in North Carolina.
  • Is modern society making us depressed? “What if depression is, in fact, a form of grief — for our own lives not being as they should?” asks Johann Hari. “What if it is a form of grief for the connections we have lost yet still need?”
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