What made me think — January 2018

What I read:

  • In China, a three-digit score could dictate your place in society. With every iPhone X user sharing enthusiastic stories about the frictionless experience, one wonders how far are we willing to go?
  • The human cost of the ghost economy. “One satisfaction about doing this type of temp work was that every day was about what’s in front of you. A landfill. A warehouse. A job folding and filling boxes. A ditch to dig. I’m still, for the most part, unemployed. I stopped temping when my assignment was complete, and while I don’t miss the wage and safety violations, I do sometimes miss the solidarity of being a worker amongst workers. We were bodies. Mostly black and brown. Meanwhile, gazing down upon the snowglobe of our disparity was The Corporation. A man in a suit, getting wealthier, plumper, more powerful, a rapacious beast delivering the shocks.”
  • My Internet Mea Culpa. I’m sorry I was wrong. We all were. “What if Silicon Valley’s core beliefs — even the benign ones — are wrong? What if we were never meant to be a global species? What if Zuck’s wrong when he says “Our greatest opportunities are now global.”? What if information doesn’t want to be free?

What I listened to:

What I watched:

  • Dark. Of course. Like everybody else. Feels like a mix of Lost and Strange Things. Added benefit: A lot of memories of living in Germany in 1986.
  • Black Mirror. Of course. My favorite was USS Callister.
  • Banking on Bitcoin. Another good primer on a hot topic and one I finally get but not sure what to do about. Maybe invest $20 here and there on Coinbase to start experimenting with it.

What I will read this week:

  • Pachinko: Epic saga of a Korean family from 1910 until 1989. I started it and it sucks you in.
  • Life 3.0: Being human in the age of AI. How we deal with AI will be one of the defining topics of our time and I want to know as much as I can about this topic.
  • Capitalism without Capital: When The Economist calls it one of “The Wise Words Book of 2017”, how can I resist?
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